IBANS Summer Scholarships 2013

Gareth Miles
Friday 3 May 2013

Congratulations to the following recipients of 2013 IBANS summer scholarships:

Tessa Kreusch to work with Keith Sillar
Endogenous neurosteroids as enhancers of GABA signalling in frog tadpoles

Rebecca Madden to work with Ines Jentzsch
Mirroring Internal States of Others

Alasdair Morgan to work with Gareth Miles
Investigating the presence of Pitx2 cells in the brainstem of the mouse

Jessica Whyte to work with Akira O’Connor
Are detailed memories immune to bias from leading questions?

Yiwang Xu to work with Silvia Paracchini
Functional Investigations of Genetic Associations with Dyslexia

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