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IBANS Research Forum Award: Project details

Below are details of the first project funded by an IBANS Research Forum Award:

Nicola Cook and Emma Carroll:

Ageing whales using the methylome: a reduced representation approach

Estimating the age structure of a populations is critical for understanding recruitment and growth rates. However, methods to age cetaceans without killing them are rare. Recently, Polanowski et al (2014) took a targeted gene approach and showed that methylation rates of genes relating to ageing in humans predicted age groups of humpback whales. We will take a broader approach and investigate genome-wide methylation patterns of southern right whale cow-calf pairs, which provide a natural old-young comparison. We will sequence a reduced representation of the DNA methylation profile of up to 10 cow-calf pairs and investigate genome-wide patterns in methylation between old and young animals. Any regions highlighted in this approach will be linked back to the bowhead whale genome, a closely related species that has been genome-enabled by a consortium interested in ageing in this species that can live for 200 years.

Scottish Neuroscience Group Meeting, St Andrews, Aug 28th

The 12th Meeting of the Scottish Neuroscience Group (SNG) will be taking place at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews on Friday August 28th. This is a great opportunity to meet other neuroscientists from across Scotland, find out about the latest in Scottish neuroscience research, and build new collaborations.

The day will consist of talks from new and early career researchers from each of the main Scottish Neuroscience institutions, poster presentations, and a plenary lecture from Dr Nelson Spruston a group leader and scientific program director at the Janelia Research Campus.

Registration (which includes lunch and refreshments) is only £40 for PIs, £30 for Postdocs and £20 for students.

Please go to for more information and to register for the meeting (places will be limited so don’t wait too long to register).