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Annoucing the IBANS Research Forum

A new IBANS event – the ‘IBANS Research Forum’ –  will be held on the afternoon of Friday May 1st in the Old Library (Main Psychology Building; further details to follow).

The event is intended to encourage debate, and new collaborations, amongst IBANS Members. It will involve a number of short presentations followed by an interactive session devoted to discussion, exchange and the development of new ideas.

We look forward to seeing you on May 1st!

Scottish Neuroscience Group Meeting (Aug 29th)

The 11th annual Scottish Neuroscience Group (SNG) meeting is being hosted by the University of Glasgow on Friday 29th August 2014. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience great Scottish neuroscience in a fantastic venue.

There will be a series of talks showcasing some of the best early-years researchers in Scotland.

For more information and registration see:

Seminar on Cerebral asymmetry

Cerebral asymmetry and language development: are they linked and if so how?

15th May, 1:00 PM

School of Medicine Lecture Theatre

Dorothy V. M. Bishop

Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

We know that language function in the human brain is usually lateralized to the left hemisphere, but we don’t know how or why. A popular view is that cerebral asymmetry facilitates language acquisition by enabling the two hemispheres to adopt complementary roles in cognitive processing. A related idea is that developmental language disorders may be the consequence of a failure to develop cerebral lateralization, but until lately evidence has been weak and indirect. I will present data from a series of studies confirming that language difficulties in children are associated with a lack of the usual bias to left-hemisphere language. I will discuss whether such results can be accommodated within a genetic model of cerebral asymmetry.


Dorothy Bishop studied Experimental Psychology at Oxford University before going on to complete an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry in 1975 and D.Phil at the Neuropsychology Unit in the Radcliffe Infirmary. She was for 20 years funded by the Medical Research Council, first in Oxford, and then at the universities of Newcastle upon Tyne and Manchester, and at the MRC Applied Psychology Unit in Cambridge.  In 1998, she moved to the Department of Experimental Psychology in Oxford, where she is funded by a Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellowship, and heads a programme of research into children’s communication impairments.  She has published over 400 papers receiving more than 26500 cumulative citations. Dorothy is a founding member of the RALLIcampaign, aimed at raising awareness about language disorders

She is a Fellow of the British Academy, and a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences and this year has been elected Fellow of the Royal Society.

In addition she writes a popular blog on a range of academic-related topics

Host:  Silvia Paracchini

New IBANS roles

We are very happy to announce the following new roles within IBANS:

Christian Rutz – co-director of IBANS (

Lauren Guillette – postdoc/early career researcher representative (

Andy MacKenzie – postgraduate representative (

A big thanks to Christian, Lauren and Andy.

IBANS mini-symposium February 7th

Announcing the first IBANS mini-symposium for 2014…

Mini-symposium Program:
Friday, February 7th, 2014

1:50   Welcome and introduction (Bute Lecture Theatre D)

New IBANS members (Bute Lecture Theatre D):

2:00   Dr Javier Tello, School of Medicine
“The reproductive Brain: It starts with a “Kiss””

2:20   Dr Thomas Otto, School of Psychology and Neuroscience
“Towards a Boolean framework of multisensory decision making”

2:40   Dr Christian Rutz, School of Biology
“Automated mapping of social networks in tool-using New Caledonian crows”

3:00   Coffee/tea break (Bute C28)

Guest speakers (Bute Lecture Theatre D):

3:20   Prof Rob Brownstone, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
“Sensorimotor confluence: spinal microcircuits for limb movement”

4:00   Prof Abdel El Manira, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
“Deconstructing the locomotor microcircuits in zebrafish”

4:40   Posters and refreshments (Bute C28)

New IBANS website launched

A new IBANS website has just been launched with a number of updates including a page for news posts.

Bookmark this page to keep up-to-date with the latest IBANS events and announcements.


Scottish Neuroscience Group Meeting 2013

Registration for the 10th Annual Scottish Neuroscience Group Meeting 2013 is now Open!

Friday 30th August 2013, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

The 10th Scottish Neuroscience Group meeting is being hosted by the University of Edinburgh this year. It will take place on Friday 30th August in the fabulous new Roslin Institute Building at Easter Bush Research Campus in Midlothian.  This a wonderful opportunity to experience great Scottish neuroscience in a fantastic venue.

There will be two plenary talks showcasing the Best of British Neuropatholgy, from Prof James Ironside (Edinburgh) and Prof Paul Ince (Sheffield), and a wide variety of short talks from some of the best early-years researchers in Scotland. With plenty of parking at the venue and coaches picking up from Edinburgh Waverley station.

Registration and info


Poster title submission

The cost of registering hasn’t changed in a decade and you can still come for £30 staff /£20 postdoc/£10 student – a bargain!

IBANS Summer Scholarships 2013

Congratulations to the following recipients of 2013 IBANS summer scholarships:

Tessa Kreusch to work with Keith Sillar
Endogenous neurosteroids as enhancers of GABA signalling in frog tadpoles

Rebecca Madden to work with Ines Jentzsch
Mirroring Internal States of Others

Alasdair Morgan to work with Gareth Miles
Investigating the presence of Pitx2 cells in the brainstem of the mouse

Jessica Whyte to work with Akira O’Connor
Are detailed memories immune to bias from leading questions?

Yiwang Xu to work with Silvia Paracchini
Functional Investigations of Genetic Associations with Dyslexia