Emory UG study abroad programme

The BrainStEm Study Abroad Programme

The Universities of St Andrews and Emory have common strengths in teaching and research in neuroscience, behavioural biology and psychology. This complementarity provided the driving force for the creation in 2002 of an undergraduate study abroad programme calledBrainStEm. In this programme, student numbers are not restricted. Emory students on the Neuroscience and Behavioural Biology (NBB) programme may visit Scotland for either one semester or a full year where they enroll and gain full credit on courses that match equivalents in the NBB programme.

Student feedback

“I was fortunate enough to study at St Andrews through the first year of the BrainStEmprogram. It’s a beautiful, historic place…but what makes the University such a jewel is the quality of the teaching and the care that the faculty put in to make the learning experience as best as possible. I had a great time there, both in and out of the classroom, and would highly recommend it to anyone considering studying there. It was the perfect complement to my education at Emory. The lab components of the classes I took were very strong and fit with the lectures perfectly. Strongly influenced by my experiences at St Andrews, I am now in graduate school for my PhD. at Cornell University. Partially due to my experiences at St Andrews, I plan on continuing in biological research and can’t wait to go back to Scotland to visit!‘

‘John Oltoff, 2006’