Dr Alan Stewart:
Senior Lecturer in Molecular Medicine

Research Overview:
Dr Alan Stewart

Dr Alan Stewart
Medical and Biological Sciences Building
University of St Andrews
North Haugh
St Andrews
KY16 9TF

tel: 01334 463546
fax: 01334 463482
room: 204

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Metal Ions in Medicine

School of Medicine
Institute of Behavioural and Neural Sciences
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Biomedical Sciences Research Complex
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My research is interdisciplinary and sits at the interface between the basic sciences and medicine. Research in my laboratory is focused upon how metal ions are handled in the body and the roles they play in regulating medically/physiologically relevant processes. Collectively, my work provides detailed and reliable data relating to the transport and speciation of metal ions (particularly zinc and calcium) in the circulation and new insights into their cellular functions and role in disease states. Currently my team are examining ways in which defective metal handling contributes to pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases, including vascular eye disease and dementia.


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