Prof Christian Rutz:
Professor of Biology

Research Overview:

Following research as a Rhodes Scholar (DPhil), Junior Research Fellow (Postdoc) and BBSRC David Phillips Fellow (PI) at the University of Oxford, I transferred my group in 2012 to the University of St Andrews, to take up a Readership in the School of Biology. I have diverse research interests in the fields of animal ecology (behavioural ecology; population biology; predation dynamics), animal cognition (tool use; culture; social learning; comparative cognition), and conservation science (large-scale conservation schemes; policy making). My group’s principal research project is on the evolutionary, ecological and social contexts of tool-use behaviour in New Caledonian crows. I enjoy developing innovative, cutting-edge research methodologies, and led the teams that first deployed miniature video-cameras (2007, Science) and proximity loggers (2012, Current Biology) on wild birds – breakthroughs that were recognised with the 'BTO Marsh Award for Innovative Ornithology 2013', a finalist entry at the ‘UK Technology and Innovation Awards 2008’, and a nomination for the ‘BBSRC Innovator of the Year Award 2012’. I hold honorary appointments at three international research universities (New South Wales, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Oxford, UK), and was recently elected to the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s ‘Young Academy of Scotland’.


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Inter-aviary distance and visual access influence conservation breeding outcomes in a territorial, endangered bird Alison M. Flanagan, Christian Rutz, Susan Farabaugh, Alison L. Greggor, Bryce Masuda, Ronald R. Swaisgood
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Purifying selection in corvids is less efficient on islands Verena E. Kutschera, Jelmer W. Poelstra, Fidel Botero-Castro, Nicolas Dussex, Neil J. Gemmell, Gavin R. Hunt, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Christian Rutz, Jochen B.W. Wolf
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Animal cultures matter for conservation Philippa Brakes, Sasha R. X. Dall, Lucy M. Aplin, Stuart Bearhop, Emma Louise Carroll, Paolo Ciucci, Vicki Fishlock, John K. B. Ford, Ellen Clare Garland, Sally A. Keith, Peter K. McGregor, Sarah L. Mesnick, Michael J. Noad, Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, Martha M. Robbins, Mark P. Simmonds, Fernando Spina, Alex Thornton, Paul R. Wade, Martin J. Whiting, James Williams, Luke Edward Rendell, Hal Whitehead, Andrew Whiten, Christian Rutz
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Population genomics and structure of the critically endangered Mariana Crow (Corvus kubaryi) Nandadevi Cortes-Rodriguez, Michael G. Campana, Lainie Berry, Sarah Faegre, Scott R. Derrickson, Renne Robinette Ha, Rebecca B. Dickow, Christian Rutz, Robert C. Fleischer
Genes 2019 vol. 10
Raw-material selectivity in hook-tool-crafting New Caledonian crows Mathieu Cantat, Christian Rutz
Biology Letters 2019 vol. 15