Prof Josep Call:
Professor of Comparative Psychology

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Prof Josep Call

Prof Josep Call
Psychology, St Mary's College
University of St Andrews
South Street
St Andrews
KY16 9JP


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My research focuses on technical and social problem solving in animals with a special emphasis on the great apes.  Some of the topics that I am currently investigating include causal and inferential reasoning, tool-use, long-term memory and planning, gestural communication and mindreading.  Ultimately, my goal is to contribute to elucidate how cognition evolves.


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Chimpanzee coordination and potential communication in a two-touchscreen turn-taking game Pavel V. Voinov, Josep Call, Günther Knoblich, Marina Oshkina, Matthias Allritz
Scientific Reports 2020 vol. 10
Context-sensitive adjustment of pointing in great apes Tibor Tauzin, M. Bohn, György Gergely, Josep Call
Scientific Reports 2020 vol. 10
Inferring unseen causes Josep Call, Amanda Madeleine Seed
Frontiers in Psychology 2020 vol. 11
Absolute brain size predicts dog breed differences in executive function Daniel J. Horschler, Brian Hare, Josep Call, Juliane Kaminski, Adam Miklosi, Evan L. MacLean
Animal Cognition 2019 vol. 22 pp. 187-198
Chimpanzees flexibly update working memory contents and show susceptibility to distraction in the self-ordered search task Christoph Johannes Voelter, Roger Mundry, Josep Call, Amanda Madeleine Seed
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2019 vol. 286