Prof Keith Sillar:
Professor of Neuroscience

Research Overview:

Biological Sciences; Brain; Neurology; Neuroscience; 5-HT; 5-hydroxytryptamine; agonist; amphibian; antagonist; development; embryo; glutamate; glycine; interneurone; ion channel; larva; locomotion; mechanoreception; modulation; nervous system; neural network; neuropharmacology; neurotransmitter; receptor; rhythm generator; sensory neurone; serotonin; synapse


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The dyslexia susceptibility KIAA0319 gene shows a specific expression pattern during zebrafish development supporting a role beyond neuronal migration Monika Gostic, Angela Martinelli, Carl Tucker, Zhengyi Yang, Jade-Yi Ewart, Kishan Dholakia, Keith Thomas Sillar, Javier Ananda Tello, Silvia Paracchini
Journal of Comparative Neurology vol.In press
Control of Xenopus tadpole locomotion via selective expression of Ih in excitatory interneurons Laurence David Picton, Keith Thomas Sillar, Hong Yan Zhang
Current Biology 2018 vol.28 pp.3911-3923
Plasticity and learning in motor control networks John Simmers, Keith Thomas Sillar
2017 pp.417-442
Sodium pump regulation of locomotor control circuits Laurence David Picton, HongYan Zhang, Keith Thomas Sillar
Journal of Neurophysiology 2017 vol.118 pp.1070-1081