Prof Malte Gather:

Research Overview:

Biophotonics & biophysics:

  • bio-derived optical structures and devices
  • biological lasers (living lasers)
  • optical devices based of fluorescent proteins
  • cellular biomechanics
  • nanophotonic biosensors

Organic electronics / OLEDs:

  • nano- and micro-patterning of organic semiconductors
  • OLED optics and outcoupling, nano-photonic structures
  • spectroscopy and molecular orientation
  • organic electronics in lab-on-chip systems
  • white OLEDs


  • plasmonic lasers / spasers
  • optical amplification
  • ‘molecular’ plasmonics
  • organic/inorganic hybrid systems
  • plasmonic waveguides and sensors

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245 MHz bandwidth organic light-emitting diodes used in a gigabit optical wireless data link Kou Yoshida, Pavlos Manousiadis, R Bian, Z Chen, Caroline Murawski, Malte Christian Gather, H Haas, Graham Turnbull, Ifor David William Samuel
Nature Communications 2020 vol. 11
Direct measurement of vertical forces shows correlation between mechanical activity and proteolytic ability of invadopodia Nils Michael Kronenberg, J.E. Segall, M.B. Prystowsky, Malte Christian Gather
Science Advances 2020 vol. 6
1,3,4-oxadiazole-based deep-blue thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitters for organic light emitting diodes Zhaoning Li, Changmin Keum, Emily Archer, Baomin Zhao, Alexandra Martha Zoya Slawin, Wei Huang, Malte Christian Gather, Ifor David William Samuel, Eli Zysman-Colman
Journal of Physical Chemistry 2019 vol. 123 pp. 24772-24785
Developing next-generation brain sensing technologies Jacob T. Robinson, Eric Pohlmeyer, Malte Christian Gather, Caleb Kemere, John E. Kitching, George G. Malliaras, Adam Marbleston, Kenneth L. Shepard, Thomas Stieglitz, Chong Xie
IEEE Sensors Journal 2019 vol. 19 pp. 10163 - 10175
Low-threshold polariton lasing in a highly disordered conjugated polymer Sai Kiran Rajendran, Hamid Ohadi, Malte Christian Gather, Graham Turnbull, Ifor David William Samuel
Optica 2019 vol. 6 pp. 1124-1129