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Prof Pat Willmer

Prof Pat Willmer
Harold Mitchell Building
University of St Andrews
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A. Environmental Physiology of Invertebrates.

Water balance and osmoregulation in insects. Thermal physiology in relation to microclimate and behaviour, especially in bees and other terrestrial and littoral invertebrates.

B. Insect-Plant Interactions.

Pollination ecology. Interactions between pollinators, pests and predators.

Insects as pests on crop plants, and interactions with crop microclimates. Ant deterrence in flowers.

C. Animal behaviour, especially social insects.

Ecology and behaviour of insects, specifically insect-plant interactions and pollination ecology. The constraints acting on pollinators, especially bees, in temperate and arid systems.

D. Invertebrate Evolution and Convergent Evolution.

Invertebrate morphology and fossils; the evolution of basic body plans, and the prevalence of convergent evolution; implications for phylogenetic approaches.


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