Dr Silvia Paracchini:
Royal Society University Research Fellow

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Prevalence and heritability of handedness in a Hong Kong Chinese twin and singleton sample Mo Zheng, Catherine McBride, Connie Suk-Han Ho, Jonathan Ka-Chun Chan, Kwong Wai Choy, Silvia Paracchini
BMC Psychology 2020 vol. 8
A novel mutation in SPART gene causes a severe neurodevelopmental delay due to mitochondrial dysfunction with complex I impairments and altered pyruvate metabolism Chiara Diquigiovanni, Christian Bergamini, Irene Liparulo, Francesca Bianco, Luca Masin, Vito Baldassarro, Nicola Rizzardi, Antonia Tranchina, Francesco Bruscherini, Anita Wischmeijer, Tommaso Pippucci, Emanuela Scarano, Duccio Cordelli, Romana Fata, Marco Seri, Silvia Paracchini, Elena Bonora
FASEB Journal 2019 vol. 33 pp. 11284-11302
Functional characterization of ATP2C2, a risk factor for language disorders Angela Martinelli, Irene Feliciotti, Samantha J. Pitt, Silvia Paracchini
European Neuropsychopharmacology 2019 vol. 29 pp. 1194-1195