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Dr Bill Heitler

Dr Bill Heitler
Biomolecular Sciences Building
University of St Andrews
North Haugh
St Andrews
KY16 9ST

tel: 01334 463490
fax: 01334 463366
room: BMS 1.18

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Biological Sciences; Neuroscience; central pattern; crayfish; Crustacea; escape behaviour; locust jumping; neuronal circuit; neurophysiology; pattern generator ; simulation; c++


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The neuroethology of predation and escape Keith Thomas Sillar, Laurence David Picton, William James Heitler
The escape behavior of crayfish William James Heitler
2014 pp.396-427
How Grasshoppers Jump William James Heitler
AnimatLab: A 3D graphics environment for neuromechanical simulations. D Cofer, G Cymbalyuk, J Reid, Y Zhu, William James Heitler, D Edwards
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2010 vol.187 pp.280-288
Control of tumbling during the locust jump. D Cofer, G Cymbalyuk, William James Heitler, D Edwards
Journal of Experimental Biology 2010 vol.213 pp.3378-3387