Inbound students

The IBANS community welcomes undergraduate exchange students from all over the world. Neuroscientists interested in studying at St Andrews can choose from a wide range of courses offered by the School of Biology and the School of Psychology and Neuroscience. From core courses in biology, psychology and neuroscience  to upper level seminars on cellular neuroscience, animal behavior and marine biology, exchange students can tailor their academic experience at St Andrews to their own unique interests. During their time at St Andrews, students are invited to participate fully in the neuroscience community and can interact with and learn from the diverse array of neuroscientists within the IBANS community.

Students can spend either a full year or a spring semester studying in St Andrews. The application deadlines for September and January entry are April 15 and October 15, respectively.

Exchange students can choose from the same courses offered to exchange students from Emory University. A list of offered courses is available here:

Information on applying to study at St Andrews is available here:

General inquiries in the first instance may be directed to Stefan Pulver (

Further inquiries on application procedures may be directed to Sam Dixon (