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[table nl=”~~”]

Emory Course[attr width=”50%”],St Andrews Course[attr width=”50%”]

NBB 301 Introduction to Neurobiology,PN 3313 Neuroscience (Fall Semester only): 20 credits

NBB 302 Behavioral Neuroscience,BL 3319 Animal Behaviour (Spring Semester only): 20 credits

NBB 401S~~A course from Category A\, and a course from Category B must be taken during the same semester to qualify for NBB 401S. If this is done you will be given credit not only for NBB 401 but for an additional elective as well.,Senior Honors modules: 15 credits~~

Category A : Neuroscience~~
BL 4221 Conus Venom Peptides: Receptor and Ion Channel Targets and Drug Design (Fall Semester)~~
PN 4230 Neurodegeneration and Aging (Fall Semester)~~
PN 4231 Neuromodulation (Spring Semester)~~
BL 4232 Neural Mechanisms of Predatory and Avoidance Behaviours (Fall Semester)~~
PN 4234 Synaptic Transmission (Spring Semester)~~
PN 4235 Motor Neurons from Physiology to Pathology (Fall Semester)~~
PS 4066 Neural Modeling (Semester Varies)~~
PS 4071 Behavioral Neuroscience (Semester Varies)~~
Category B : Behaviour/Cognition~~
BL 4256 Marine Acoustics (Spring Semester)~~
BL 4258 Foraging in Marine Mammals (Fall Semester)~~
BL 4280 Evolution and Human Behavior (Fall Semester)~~
BL 4281 Animal Communication and Cognition (Fall Semester)~~
BL 4282 Biology and Behaviour of Social Insects (Spring Semester)~~
BL 4285 Complex Systems in Animal Behaviour (Spring Semester)~~
PS 4064 Working Memory (Semester Varies)~~
PS 4074 Cognitive Psychology & the Emotional Disorders (Semester Varies)~~
PS 4079 Sex Differences & Gender Development (Semester Varies)~~
PS 4080 Social Memory (Semester Varies)~~
PS 4084 Psychology of Visual Art (Semester Varies)~~
PS 4083 Psychology of Music: 15 credits (Semester Varies)

NBB 370 Variable Special Topics,BL 3302 Gene Regulation (Fall Semester): 20 credits~~
BL 3303 Membranes & Cell Communication (Fall Semester): 20 credits~~
PN 3312 Pharmacology (Spring Semester): 20 credits~~
BL 3317 Behavioral Ecology (Spring Semester): 20 credits

NBB 370/470 Variable Special Topics~~
*Taking both PS3021/22 Research Design and Analysis (1/2) together can count as a substitute NBB221 and (1) single elective. PS 3021 (offered only in the Fall) counts as an elective and fulfills the NBB 221 requirement for Independent Research and Honors.,PS 3021 Research Design and Analysis I (Fall Semester): 15 credits~~
PS 3022 Research Design and Analysis II (Spring Semester): 15 credits ~~
PS 3035 Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience: 10 credits~~
PS 3037 Perception: 10 credits (Semester Varies)~~
PS 3038 Cognition: 10 credit (Semester Varies)

BIOL 241 Evolutionary Biology,BL3307 Evolution (Fall Semester): 20 credits