IBANS Partnerships

The University of St Andrews has a rich history of building long-lasting and valuable connections across research, teaching and professional services with partners worldwide.

St Andrews has built multi-dimensional, sustainable institutional partnerships with a number of universities around the world including Emory University and the University of Bonn which are key partners for IBANS.

Research and teaching in behavioural and neural sciences is a strength at both Emory and St Andrews. Since its creation in 2007, IBANS has partnered with the BrainStEm student exchange programme, coordinated by the School of Psychology and Neuroscience at St Andrews and Neuroscience and Behavioural Biology (NBB) programme at Emory University. IBANS and BrainStEm jointly provide a platform for forging collaborative links that can take advantage of opportunities such as the BrainStEM Undergraduate Research Assistant Scheme, the Robert T Jones Scholarship, and the Collaborative Research Grant Scheme. For more information on the partnership with Emory please contact Stefan Pulver.

Research in the field of behaviour is a strategic priority for both St Andrews and Bonn. IBANS provides a platform for researchers across the two institutions to establish new collaborations or consolidate existing projects taking advantage of existing schemes such as the Collaborative Research Grant and the Global PhD opportunities. For more information on the partnership with Bonn please contact Silvia Paracchini.