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The 'Ideal Homunculus' Michael William Oram, Peter Földiák, David Ian Perrett, F Sengpiel
Trends in Neurosciences 1998 vol. 21 pp. 259-265
Causal cognition in a non-human primate Klaus Zuberbuehler
Cognition 2000 vol. 76 pp. 195-207
An oligodendrocyte cell adhesion molecule at the site of assembly of the paranodal axo-glial junction S Tait, Frank J Gunn-Moore, JM Collinson, J Huang, other 5
Journal of Cell Biology 2000 vol. 150 pp. 657-666
Activation of mitogen-activated protein kinase and p70S6 kinase is not correlated with cerebellar granule cell survival Frank J Gunn-Moore, AG Williams, NJ Thoms, JM Tavare
Biochemical Journal 1997 vol. 324 pp. 365-369
Individual deprivation, neighburhood and recovery from illness Elspeth Graham, Malcolm David MacLeod, Marie Johnston, Christopher John Lloyd Dibben, I Morgan, S Briscoe
2000 pp. 170-185
Neurofascin is a glial receptor for the caspr/paranodin-contactin axonal complex at the axoglial junction P Charles, S Tait, C Faivre-Sarrailh, G Barbin, Frank J Gunn-Moore, N Denisenko-Hehrbass, A-M Guennoc, J-A Girault, PJ Brophy, C Lubetzki
Current Biology 2002 vol. 12 pp. 217-220
Co-incident signalling between the Gi/Go-coupled d-opoid receptor and the Gq-coupled m3 muscarinic receptor at the level of intracellular free calcium in SH-SY5Y cells A Yeo, DSK Samways, CE Fowler, Frank J Gunn-Moore, G Henderson
Journal of Neurochemistry 2001 vol. 76 pp. 1688-1700
Recognition of structurally diverse substrates by type II 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase (HADH II)/amyloid-beta binding alcohol dehydrogenase (ABAD). AJ Powell, JA Read, MJ Banfield, Frank J Gunn-Moore, SD Yan, J Lustbader, AR Stern, DM Stern, RL Brady
Journal of Molecular Biology 2000 vol. 303 pp. 311-327
Detection of FCoV quasispecies using denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis. DA Gunn-Moore, Frank J Gunn-Moore, TJ Gruffydd-Jones, DA Harbour
Veterinary Microbiology 1999 vol. 69 pp. 127-130
Growth-arrest and spontaneous differentiation are initiated through an autocrine loop in clonally-derived Schwann cells by a1-procollagen I C-propeptide JA Rushton, S Schmitz, Frank J Gunn-Moore, D Sherman, CA Pappas, JM Ritchie, LW Haynes
Journal of Neurochemistry 1999 vol. 73 pp. 1816-1827
EGF-stimulated translocation of cytohesin-1 to the plasma membrane of PC12 cells requires PI 3-kinase activation and a functional cytohesin-1 PH domain K Venkateswarlu, Frank J Gunn-Moore, JM Tavaré, PJ Cullen
Journal of Cell Science 1999 vol. 112 pp. 1957-1965
Progress towards understanding the molecular mechanisms of neurotrophic factor signalling Frank J Gunn-Moore, JM Tavaré
Cellular Signalling 1998 vol. 10 pp. 151-157
BDNF-stimulated neuropeptide Y gene expression requires both the phospholipase Cg and Shc binding sites on TrkB AG Williams, AC Hargreaves, Frank J Gunn-Moore, JM Tavaré
Biochemical Journal 1998 vol. 333 pp. 505-509
Siting Wealth and Illness Elspeth Graham, Malcolm David MacLeod, C Dibben, M Johnston
2004 pp. 351-370
Referential labelling in Diana monkeys Klaus Zuberbuehler
Animal Behaviour 2000 vol. 59 pp. 917-927
Causal knowledge of predators' behaviour in wild Diana monkeys Klaus Zuberbuehler
Animal Behaviour 2000 vol. 59 pp. 209-220
Natural semanticity in wild primates Klaus Zuberbuehler
2003 pp. 362-367
Back to school JL Kelley, JP Evans, IW Ramnarine, Anne Magurran
Animal Behaviour 2003 vol. 65 pp. 655-662
Photoporation and cell transfection using a violet diode laser L Paterson, B Agate, M Comrie, R Ferguson, TK Lake, JE Morris, AE Carruthers, C Tom A Brown, Wilson Sibbett, Peter Edward Bryant, Frank J Gunn-Moore, Andrew Clive Riches, Kishan Dholakia
Optics Express 2005 vol. 13 pp. 595-600
Understanding Culture Across Species Richard William Byrne, PJ Barnard, I Davidson, Vincent Janik, WC McGrew, A Miklósi, P Wiessner
Trends in Cognitive Sciences 2004 vol. 8 pp. 341-346
Neural mechanisms of imitation and 'Mirror Neuron' functioning in autistic spectrum disorder JHG Williams, GD Waiter, A Gilchrist, David Ian Perrett, AD Murray, Andrew Whiten
Neuropsychologia 2006 vol. 44 pp. 610-621
An optical trapping apparatus incorporating violet diode laser and extended cavity surface emitting laser systems TK Lake, AE Carruthers, L Paterson, M Taylor, Frank J Gunn-Moore, JW Allen, Wilson Sibbett, Kishan Dholakia
Optics Express 2004 vol. 12 pp. 670-8
ABAD directly links Aβ to mitochondrial toxicity in Alzheimer's disease JW Lustbader, M Cirilli, C Lin, HW Xu, K Takuma, N Wang, C Caspersen, X Chen, S Pollack, M Chaney, F Trinchese, S Liu, Frank J Gunn-Moore, L-F Lue, DG Walker, P Kuppusamy, ZL Zewier, O Arancio, D Stern, SS Yan, H Wu
Science 2004 vol. 304 pp. 448-452
Role of neurofascin in axon-glia interaction. S Tait, Frank J Gunn-Moore, DL Sherman, PJ Brophy
Journal of Neurochemistry 2001 vol. 77
Neurofascin as a glial partner for the paranodin/caspr-contactin axonal complex at the axoglial junction. G Barbin, S Tait, P Charles, C Faivre-Sarraihl, Frank J Gunn-Moore, NI Denisenko-Nehrbass, AM Guennoc, JA Girault, PJ Brophy, C Lubetzki
2002 vol. 249
Axo-glial interactions during myelination. C Perrine, S Tait, G Barbin, Frank J Gunn-Moore, JA Girault, NI Denissenko-Nehrbass, AM Guennoc, B Zalc, PJ Brophy, C Lubetzki
2002 vol. W71
Violet diode-assisted photoporation and transfection of cells L Paterson, B Agate, M Comrie, R Ferguson, D Stevenson, T Lake, C Brown, Frank J Gunn-Moore, Andrew Clive Riches, Peter Edward Bryant, Wilson Sibbett, Kishan Dholakia
2005 vol. 18
Synapse associated protein 102 is a novel binding partner to the cytoplasmic terminus of neurone-glial related cell adhesion molecule Fleur Dieneke Davey, M Hill, J Falk, N Sans, Frank J Gunn-Moore
Journal of Neurochemistry 2005 vol. 94 pp. 1243-1253
A novel 4.1 ezrin radixin moesin (FERM) containing protein, 'Willin' Frank J Gunn-Moore, G Welsh, L Herron, F Brannigan, K Venkateswarlu, M Brandwein-Gensler, R Madan, S Gillespie, J Tavare, P Brophy, M Prystowsky, Simon Guild
FEBS Letters 2005 vol. 579 pp. 5089-5094
Signature whistle shape conveys identity information to bottlenose dolphins Vincent Janik, LS Sayigh, RS Wells
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2006 vol. 103 pp. 8293-8297
Automated categorization of bioacoustic signals: avoiding perceptual pitfalls VB Deecke, Vincent Janik
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 2006 vol. 119 pp. 645-653
Involving older people with dementia and their carers in designing computer based support systems Arlene Jean Astell, Norman Alm, Gary Gowans, Maggie Ellis, Richard Dye, Phillip Vaughan
Universal Access in the Information Society 2009 vol. 8 pp. 49-58
b-Amyloid and hyperphosphorylated tau deposition in cat brains. D.A. Gunn-Moore, J McVee, J.M Bradshaw, G.R. Pearson, E Head, Frank J Gunn-Moore
Jounal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 2006 vol. 8 pp. 234-242
The animal cultures debate Kevin Lala, Vincent Janik
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2006 vol. 21 pp. 542-547
Femtosecond optical transfection of cells: viability and efficiency D Stevenson, B Agate, X Tsampoula, P Fischer, C Tom A Brown, Wilson Sibbett, Andrew Clive Riches, Frank J Gunn-Moore, Kishan Dholakia
Optics Express 2006 vol. 14 pp. 7125-7133
Cytoplasmic ezrin has prognostic significance for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma R Madan, M Brandwein-Gensler, NF Schlecht, K Elias, E Gorbovitsky, TJ Belbin, R Mahood, D Breining, H Qian, G Childs, J Locker, R Smith, M Haigentz Jr, Frank J Gunn-Moore, MB Prystowsky
Head and Neck 2006 vol. 28(11) pp. 1018-1027
A functional FERM domain binding motif in neurofascin Frank J Gunn-Moore, Fleur Dieneke Davey, Lissa Rocha Herron, S Tait, D Sherman, P J Brophy
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 2006 vol. 33 pp. 441-446
Prokaryotic Membrane Transport Proteins: Amplified Expression and Purification in J Clough, M Saidijam, K Bettaney, G Szakonyi, S Patching, J Mueller, S Suzuki, K Shibayama, M Bacon, E Barksby, M Groves, R Herbert, M Phillips-Jones, A Ward, Frank J Gunn-Moore, J O’Reilly, N Rutherford, R Bill, P Henderson
Spitsbergen bowhead whales revisited Ø. Wigg, L. Bachmann, Vincent Janik, K. M. Kovacs, C. Lydersen
Marine Mammal Science 2007 vol. 23 pp. 688-693
A mobile acoustic localization system for the study of free ranging dolphins during focal follows NS Quick, Luke Edward Rendell, Vincent Janik
Marine Mammal Science 2008 vol. 24 pp. 979-989
Optically guided neuronal growth at near infra-red wavelengths. D Stevenson, T Lake, B Agate, V Garcés-Chávez, Kishan Dholakia, Frank J Gunn-Moore
Optics Express 2006 vol. 14 pp. 9786-9793
The syntax and meaning of wild gibbon songs Ulrich H. Reichard, Klaus Zuberbuehler
PLoS One 2006 vol. 1 pp. -
Naturally occurring tyrosine kinase inserts block high affinity binding of phospholipase Cg and Shc to TrkC, and neurotrophin-3 signalling. M Guiton, Frank J Gunn-Moore, DJ Glass, DR Geis, G Yancopolous, JM Tavare
Journal of Biological Chemistry 1995 vol. 270 pp. 20384-20390
Topological analyses of the L-fucose-H+ symport protein, FucP from Escherichia coli. Frank J Gunn-Moore, CG Tate, CE Sansom, PJF Henderson
Molecular Microbiology 1995 vol. 15 pp. 771-83
Identification of in vivo BDNF-stimulated autophosphorylation sites on the TrkB receptor tyrosine kinase by site-directed mutagenesis. M Guiton, Frank J Gunn-Moore, N Stitt, G Yancopolous, JM Tavare
Journal of Biological Chemistry 1994 vol. 269 pp. 30370-7
Identification of a novel sugar-H+ symport protein, FucP, for transport of L-fucose into Escherichia coli. Frank J Gunn-Moore, CG Tate, PJF Henderson
Molecular Microbiology 1994 vol. 12 pp. 799-809
Structural basis for the kinetic differences between flavocytochromes b2 from the yeast Hansenula anomala and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Frank J Gunn-Moore, MT Black, SK Chapman, GA Reid
Biochemical Journal 1989 vol. 263 pp. 973-6
Facts about signature whistles of bottlenose dolpins, Tursiops truncatus LS Sayigh, HC Esch, RS Wells, Vincent Janik
Animal Behaviour 2007 vol. 74 pp. 1631-1642
A regulatory role for CRM1 in multi-directional trafficking of splicing snRNPs in the mammalian nucleus Judith Elizabeth Sleeman
Journal of Cell Science 2007 vol. 120 pp. 1540-1550
Molecular and functional characterisation of microsomal UDP-glucuronic acid uptake by members of the nucleotide sugar transporter (NST) family. T Kobayashi, Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, MWC Coughtrie, B Burchell
Biochemical Journal 2006 vol. 400 pp. 281-289
FRET analyses of the U2AF complex localize the U2AF35/U2AF65 interaction in vivo and reveal a novel self-interaction of U2AF35. J Chusainow, PM Ajuh, L Trinkle-Mulcahy, Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, J Ellenberg, AI Lamond
RNA 2005 vol. 11 pp. 1204-1214
Dynamics of the mammalian nucleus: can microscopic movements help us to understand our genes? Judith Elizabeth Sleeman
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. A, Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 2004 vol. 362 pp. 2775-2793
Nuclear substructure and dynamics. Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, AI Lamond
Current Biology 2003 vol. 13 pp. R825-8
Cajal body proteins SMN and coilin show differential dynamic behaviour in vivo Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, L Trinkle-Mulcahy, AR Prescott, SC Ogg, AI Lamond
Journal of Cell Science 2003 vol. 116 pp. 2039-2050
Protein phosphatase 4 interacts with the Survival of Motor Neurons complex and enhances the temporal localisation of snRNPs GK Carnegie, Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, N Morrice, CJ Hastie, MW Peggie, A Philp, AI Lamond, PT Cohen
Journal of Cell Science 2003 vol. 116 pp. 1905-13
Time-lapse imaging reveals dynamic relocalization of PP1gamma throughout the mammalian cell cycle. L Trinkle-Mulcahy, PD Andrews, S Wickramasinghe, Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, AR Prescott, Yw Lam, CE Lyon, JR Swedlow, AI Lamond
Molecular Biology of the Cell 2003 vol. 14 pp. 107-17
snRNP protein expression enhances the formation of Cajal bodies containing p80-coilin and SMN Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, P Ajuh, AI Lamond
Journal of Cell Science 2001 vol. 114 pp. 4407-4419
Dynamic targeting of protein phosphatase 1 within the nuclei of living mammalian cells. L Trinkle-Mulcahy, Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, AI Lamond
Journal of Cell Science 2001 vol. 114 pp. 4219-4228
A direct interaction between the carboxyl-terminal region of CDC5L and the WD40 domain of PLRG1 is essential for pre-mRNA splicing. PM Ajuh, Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, J Chusainow, AI Lamond
Journal of Biological Chemistry 2001 vol. 276 pp. 42370-81
Nuclear organization of pre-mRNA splicing factors. Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, AI Lamond
Current Opinion in Cell Biology 1999 vol. 11 pp. 372-7
Dynamic interactions between splicing snRNPs, coiled bodies and nucleoli revealed using snRNP protein fusions to the green fluorescent protein. Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, CE Lyon, M Platani, JP Kreivi, AI Lamond
Experimental Cell Research 1998 vol. 243 pp. 290-304
Mass spectrometry and EST-database searching allows characterization of the multi-protein spliceosome complex. G Neubauer, A King, J Rappsilber, C Calvio, M Watson, P Ajuh, Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, A Lamond, M Mann
Nature Genetics 1998 vol. 20 pp. 46-50
Inhibition of Protein Dephosphorylation Results in the Accumulation of Splicing snRNPs and Coiled Bodies within the Nucleolus CE Lyon, K Bohmann, Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, AI Lamond
Experimental Cell Research 1997 vol. 230 pp. 84-93
Trans-splicing in mammalian cells as revealed by gene trap insertions into ribosomal RNA genes Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, JE Moss, B Rosen, WC Skarnes
Molecular Biology of the Cell 1995 vol. 6 pp. 1134
Time-lapse imaging reveals dynamic relocalization of PP1 throughout the mammalian cell cycle L Trinkle-Mulcahy, PD Andrews, S Wickramasinghe, Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, AR Prescott, YW Lam, CE Lyon, JR Swedlow, AI Lamond
Molecular Biology of the Cell 2003 vol. 14 pp. 861
Alterations in nuclear architecture in differentiating neuroblastoma cells JR Burza, T Akbar, Judith Elizabeth Sleeman
Differentiation 2006 vol. 74 pp. 468
Tumorigenicity associated ithe chromosome 11P15 alterations in SV40-transformed human kidney cells. V Poirier, SJ Tyler, Judith Elizabeth Sleeman, F Diffin, NJ Maitland, KW Brown
International Journal of Oncology 1995 vol. 7 pp. 623-630
Objectivism should not be a casualty of innovation’s operationalization Rachel Louise Kendal, Lewis Dean, Kevin Lala
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 2007 vol. 30 pp. 413-414
Signature whistles LS Sayigh, Vincent Janik
2009 pp. 1014-1016
Monooxime reactivators of acetylcholinesterase with (E)-but-2-ene linker – Preparation and reactivation of tabun and paraoxon-inhibited K Musilek, O Holas, D Jun, Frank J Gunn-Moore, V Dohnal, V Opletalova, M Dolezala, K Kuca
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2007 vol. 15 pp. 6733-6741
Energetics of diving in macaroni penguins J.A. Green, P.J. Butler, A.J. Woakes, Ian Boyd
Journal of Experimental Biology 2003 vol. 206 pp. 43-57
Endophilin I expression is increased in the brains of Alzheimer disease patients Hong Wei Xu, Fleur Dieneke Davey, Margaret Alexandra Taylor, James Fortune Aiton, Peter John Coote, F Fang, J Yao, Doris Chen, JX Chen, SD Yan, Frank J Gunn-Moore
Journal of Biological Chemistry 2008 vol. 283 pp. 5685-5691
Visual Stimulation Decorrelates Neuronal Activity Michael William Oram
Journal of Neurophysiology 2011 vol. 105 pp. 942-957
Enhanced operation of femtosecond lasers and applications in cell transfection C Tom A Brown, DJ Stevenson, X Tsampoula, C McDougall, AA Lagatsky, Wilson Sibbett, Frank J Gunn-Moore, Kishan Dholakia
Journal of Biophotonics 2008 vol. 1 pp. 183-199
Diet-specific chemical cues influence association preferences and prey patch use in a shoaling fish Michael Munro Webster, E L Adams, Kevin Lala
Animal Behaviour 2008 vol. 76 pp. 17-23
A comparative study of song form and duetting in neotropical Thryothorus wrens Nigel Ian Mann, Kimberly A. Dingess, F. Keith Barker, Jefferson Alden Graves, Peter James Bramwell Slater
Behaviour 2009 vol. 146 pp. 1-43
Generation of multiple Bessel beams for a Biophotonics workstation Tomas Cizmar, V Kollarova, X Tsampoula, Frank J Gunn-Moore, Wilson Sibbett, Z Bouchal, Kishan Dholakia
Optics Express 2008 vol. 16 pp. 14024-14035
Cyclophilin D deficiency attenuates mitochondrial and neuronal perturbation and ameliorates learning and memory in Alzheimer’s disease H Du, L Guo, F Fang, D Chen, A Sosunov, G McKhann, Y Yan, C Wang, H Zhang, J Molkentin, Frank J Gunn-Moore, JP Vonsattel, O Arancio, JX Chen, SD Yan
Nature Medicine 2008 vol. 14 pp. 1097-1105
Fibre based cellular transfection X Tsampoula, K Taguchi, Tomas Cizmar, V Garces-Chavez, N Ma, S Mohanty, K Mohanty, Frank J Gunn-Moore, Kishan Dholakia
Optics Express 2008 vol. 16 pp. 17007-17013
The intracellular interactions of the L1-Cell Adhesion Molecule family LR Herron, M Hill, F Davey, Frank J Gunn-Moore
Biochemical Journal 2009 vol. 419 pp. 519-531
Vocal learning Peter James Bramwell Slater, Vincent Janik
2010 pp. 551-557
Feature extraction from spike trains with Bayesian binning D M Endres, Michael William Oram
Journal of Computational Neuroscience 2010 vol. 29 pp. 149-169
Identification of a novel class of mammalian phosphoinositol-specific phospholipase C enzymes. Alan J. Stewart, J Mukherjee, SJ Roberts, D Lester, C Farquharson
International Journal of Molecular Medicine 2005 vol. 15 pp. 117-121
Identification of a novel ligand binding residue Arg38(1.35) in the human gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor Alan J. Stewart, R Sellar, DJ Wilson, RP Millar, ZL Lu
Molecular Pharmacology 2008 vol. 73 pp. 75-81
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor levels and cell context affect tumor cell responses to agonist in vitro and in vivo K Morgan, Alan J. Stewart, NA Miller, Peter Mullen, M Muir, M Dodds, F Medda, David James Harrison, S Langdon, RP Millar
Cancer Research 2008 vol. 68 pp. 6331-6340
Retention and silencing of prepro-GnRH-II and type II GnRH receptor genes in mammals. Alan J. Stewart, AA Katz, RP Millar, K Morgan
Neuroendocrinology 2009 vol. 90 pp. 416-432
Structure, properties, and engineering of the major zinc binding site on human albumin CA Blindauer, I Harvey, KE Bunyan, Alan J. Stewart, D Sleep, David James Harrison, S Berezenko, PJ Sadler
Journal of Biological Chemistry 2009 vol. 284 pp. 23116-23124
Advances in the Study of Behavior, Vol. 40 - Acoustic communication in birds and mammals M Naguib, N Clayton, Klaus Zuberbuehler, Vincent Janik
Niche construction, co-evolution and biodiversity Kevin Lala, Neeltje Janna Boogert
Ecological Economics 2010 vol. 69 pp. 731-736
Plasma fatty acid levels may regulate the Zn2+-dependent activities of histidine-rich glycoprotein. Alan J. Stewart, CA Blindauer, PJ Sadler
Biochimie 2009 vol. 91 pp. 1518-1522
Light beats the spread: "non-diffracting" beams M Mazilu, David James Stevenson, Frank J Gunn-Moore, Kishan Dholakia
Laser & Photonics Reviews 2010 vol. 4 pp. 529–547
Pyow but not hack calls of the male putty-nosed monkey (Cercopithcus nictitans) convey information about caller identity T Price, Kate Arnold, Klaus Zuberbuehler, Stuart Semple
Behaviour 2009 vol. 146 pp. 871-888
Detecting social transmission in networks William John Edward Hoppitt, Neeltje Janna Boogert, Kevin Lala
Journal of Theoretical Biology 2010 vol. 263 pp. 544-555
The consequences of mitochondrial amyloid beta peptide in Alzheimer’s disease Eva Borger, Laura Aitken, SJ Conway, Frank J Gunn-Moore
Biochemical Journal 2010 vol. 426 pp. 255-270
Runaway cultural niche construction Luke Edward Rendell, Laurel Fogarty, Kevin Lala
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. B, Biological Sciences 2011 vol. 366 pp. 823-835